Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Young People, the Need to Congregate and Littering

Believe it or not, I was once young. Full of energy and ready to take on the world. I still am ready to take on the world, but the energy level has dropped a little over the years. As a young man in high school I was always parking around town talking to people. It's just what young people do.

Since before my time there has been a lacking of things for our young men and women to do around town. And I hope that we can change that in the near future. Boredom and idle hands can sometimes be dangerous.

But this post isn't about what we can do, that post will come later. This one is about littering.

Groups of young people have congregated in various spots around town over the years. But over the last couple of years littering has become a problem in these areas. Eventually the police have to come and tell these folks that they can't park there anymore, and they have to find another spot.

Recently the spot is the large gravel parking lot on Upper River Street by the City Park and the River. The morning after Thanksgiving there was lots of trash in the parking lot. Our city employees had to pick it all up. Speaking to the young folks here, IT'S NOT THEIR JOB TO PICK UP AFTER YOU! The citizens of Burkesville pay taxes, and part of that money goes to paying city employees.

So, I spoke to the Public Works supervisor and he promptly put a large blue trash barrel in the parking lot. Thank you, Coach. Has it stopped the littering? No. But it has helped a little.

This morning, after walking at the track, I took the above photo. Zoom in to see all the trash. Then I walked around the parking lot picking up the trash from the people that sat there last night. Some of the trash laying right next to the trash barrel. I didn't get it all, had to go to work.

Again, speaking to those that congregate in the "gravel spot"...

If you see someone throw their trash on the ground, tell them to do the right thing and throw it in the trash barrel. Police yourselves. We don't want to stop anyone from parking and talking to their friends, but if the littering continues you will have to move to another location, and those are getting thinner by the day.


  1. When I first came to Burkesville I was impressed by the pride people took in keeping the streets so clean. Sadly I can’t say that anymore. There is so much litter now ! People need to start taking pride in Burkesville again. Stop Littering. It doesn’t look good. It gives us a bad name.

  2. This town needs something for the young kids to do instead of congregating....not that that will fix all the trash problems but it could be a start. There is NOTHING for them to do. This town once had a pool a theater and other things but now nothing not even jobs. I know all this takes money but we have got to give the kids something to be interested in instead of just hanging out and dealing drugs ( which is another subject itself ) A place kind of like Ralphies- something for the younger kids and the late teens, Game room Dance room, under 21 club, bowling, a real bowling alley, miniature golf, a swimming pool....more little shops- I definitely don’t have the answer but it would create more jobs and I think a lot more kids would be interested than not. I know all these things would also have to have security to maintain structure and keep trouble down cause there will always be that one. I would enforce certain dress codes certain behaviors that are tolerated and not tolerated and enforce it-3 strikes your done. Some kids will push limits and it will take dedication and patience but I think it would far as the trash goes for now - if they don’t volunteer to help pick up the trash then they don’t park there....I’m sure the police could patrol the areas where kids are parking, get names and if there is trash there when they leave and they don’t help pick it up they get fined .... just ideas


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